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Diane Bianculli replied to Pastor Louis A. Santoro's discussion Anyone Need Help?
"Hello Pastor:  My boyfriend Warren is going on two years post stroke.  Prayer is our solace.  We truly believe that God is going to continue to help us.  In the beginning I use to pray for Warren to be restored; to be able to…"
11 minutes ago
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22 minutes ago
Pastor Louis A. Santoro replied to Pastor Louis A. Santoro's discussion Anyone Need Help?
"Dear Kathleen, thank you for your kind words and we will be praying for you and Don, whatever, don't give up, Jesus is in you both if you asked Him into your hearts, He will never leave you or forsake you or us. May God Bless you both…"
10 hours ago
Kathleen Chutes replied to Julie Stoneberger's discussion Say it isn't so.....
"How long will Medicare/BC pay for therapy for a major stroke??"
12 hours ago
Kathleen Chutes replied to Sue k's discussion Hiring Help
"Do you have Visiting Angels agency in your area. They usually will have help for hire from 2-24 hours a day. Call commission on aging for suggestions"
12 hours ago
Kathleen Chutes replied to Betsy Ruley's discussion Accepting the Changes
"Wow God Bless You, I can see how and why you are frustrated and exhausted. We are only 4 months into the post stroke and I get tired go bed by 8-9 pm. Have you checked with commission on aging to see if you qualify for meals on wheels, or any chore…"
12 hours ago
Kathleen Chutes replied to Julie Stoneberger's discussion Not a good day
"Just prayed trust that your Dad is doing much better by now. Since I am new to the site just read your post"
12 hours ago
Barbara Fischer replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"My husband just said the same thing, "I'm an adult and I should make the decisions in our family. I wish we could go back 18 months so he could. You are right a battle about pants makes no sense, until you are in bed with a bad back. "
12 hours ago


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Anyone Need Help?

Started by Pastor Louis A. Santoro in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Diane Bianculli 11 minutes ago. 3 Replies

Hello everyone, It's Pastor Lou, so sorry I've been off line for some time. I've been having a rough go of things, so I prayed to God for help over and over and finally reached out to a Christian…Continue

Say it isn't so.....

Started by Julie Stoneberger in Caregiver Frustration, Anger, Depression. Last reply by Kathleen Chutes 12 hours ago. 22 Replies

Just don't know where to begin - the home health speech came last week, spent 20min with my Dad, gave him 1 bite of applesauce, asked him a few questions and concluded that he would not be getting…Continue

Hiring Help

Started by Sue k in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Kathleen Chutes 12 hours ago. 5 Replies

I need to hire someone to stay with my hubby so I can go away for a couple of days.  Really, someone to just be there, give meals, meds, etc. and serve as go-fer.  I seem crippled by this but know it…Continue

Accepting the Changes

Started by Betsy Ruley in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Kathleen Chutes 12 hours ago. 4 Replies

My husband's stroke was 4 years ago. He was quadriplegic before the stroke, but had a brilliant mind. Now he has memory and cognitive problems. I am so frustrated and exhausted. I have been his…Continue


Wedding blues

Posted by Erin on September 1, 2014 at 9:18am 2 Comments

My cousin who is a year younger than me got married last night.  I went to the wedding and it was beautiful.  During the ceremony I cried like a baby...and then I felt guilt about it.  I was crying 10% out of happiness for this new couple who are starting their life together and 90% out of anger and sadness for lost opportunities that Mark and I will not experience. My mom and a good friend were next to me and each took my hand giving me strength (Mark is in the hospital and could not…


The new normal after husband' stroke

Posted by Debra Craig on August 29, 2014 at 9:47pm 2 Comments

My sweet husband had a series of strokes about 2 years ago. His were all Ischemic left-side which left his right side of his body quite weak (although now he can walk with a cane) and he has some cognitive issues and Aphasia (which is the most frustrating part). Luckily he has a great sense of humor and through Department of Assisted Rehabilitation was able to receive vocational therapy and now works part-time(all that he has stamina for) at a local Outreach center 2 & 1/2 days a week.…



Posted by Kathy Swanson on August 19, 2014 at 3:00am 13 Comments

I let my husband die finally. The man I married 39 years ago, my partner, my best friend, my lover and the father of my child. I accept I will never see him again.

I decided to accept the man he is today and to not to dwell on what I lost but what I have today. It has been two years since his stroke and I am tired of trying to make him well when that is never going to happen.

Instead of concentrating on his illness we are going to take back our lives. We are going out to eat,…


New Stroke becomes new worries..s

Posted by angel alves on August 1, 2014 at 2:40am 2 Comments

So Saturday Dale had another stroke. His INR was therapeutic and they now want his INR to be 300 for therapeutic. I'm so overwhelmed with my own emotions on top of trying to help him with his. I'm scared I'm going to lose him if we can figure out what is causing this or what we can do to prevent it.


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