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Marcia J. Long replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Sounds like you & I are in very similar situations Shari. I have visited with an attorney but just can't pull the trigger & fork over the $1500 retainer that I would have to put on a credit card. As long as I don't argue, disagree,…"
17 seconds ago
Donna Allen replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Shari, that is encouraging.  You are concerned about who will take care of him if you leave.  It could be that you do like I do, doing things for him that in a pinch he could do himself.  Sometimes just because it's quicker…"
9 minutes ago
Shari replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Interesting morning: Al roused himself this morning and got up, put on his brace, walked into the kitchen, all without being told, using motivation???? Then he walked outside. Without me. Shock! Motivation again?? What's going on?"
37 minutes ago
Shari replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"I often think about spending the money and seeing a divorce attorney to see what my rights are. I was so afraid of Al before the stroke, I actually called the doctor Phil show and they called back and wanted our family to fly to CA to be on the…"
52 minutes ago
DI replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"You are right Steve; We do the best we can every day and keep praying that things will get better for everyone.  I love my husband very much and I just keep trying to do the best I can for him and try to hold on to as much of our life as I…"
2 hours ago
George Specht is now a member of Careliving Community
3 hours ago
steve irvine replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Miss my wife everyday day and what stroke has done to my family we were so close . We all do our best but dreams have been taken"
8 hours ago
Stella K. replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Hello, I tend to read more and not post here. I too am a wife who misses every single day the partner I married. The man who was stolen from me by this thing called Stroke. To Sue K, Lillian V., and Rachel F., ...........Thank you for your posts…"
16 hours ago


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How is your day going?

Started by Diane S. in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Marcia J. Long 18 seconds ago. 7787 Replies

This is the place to share your thoughts and tell us all how your day is going!I am so glad so many people have come back to this site and new people have joined since I posted this original…Continue

I hate these awful medications!

Started by DI in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by DI yesterday. 5 Replies

Good Morning everyone!I know I have not been on much lately but things just are such a mess right now.  I have been following everyone and want to thank all of you for your stories.  Be they good,…Continue

Feeding tube suggestions

Started by Julie Stoneberger in Caregiver Frustration, Anger, Depression on Tuesday. 0 Replies

We are in the process of having my Dad to start taking his meds orally instead of through the feeding tube. He needs them crushed and tells us they are gross. We have tried in yogurt, applesauce.…Continue

Enough is enough!

Started by Linda Symes in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Linda Symes on Sunday. 3 Replies

My husband had his 4th stroke on Mother's Day this year.  Last Tuesday, our 47th anniversary, he had his 5th bleed.  He was taken to the hospital out of state where we were visiting my daughter to…Continue


My strong independent 65 yr old mother!

Posted by Yessica Ayala Vicente on July 17, 2014 at 9:44am 5 Comments

Hello everyone! My name is Yessica, I am new to the site, I am here looking for support and to educate myself so that I can care better for my mother who had a stroke almost a month ago. All this is new to me, but I want to learn as much as I can so that I can help my mother recover. I would also like to give support to others, let them know, they are not alone, we are all here to help each other in one way or another.  So here is my story....  


On June 20, 2014 ... we were…


Dale's Story.

Posted by angel alves on July 8, 2014 at 6:46pm 0 Comments

August 19, 2013 our lives changed forever. My boyfriend of 12 years was turning off the lamp in our room. I was reading a book so I was not paying attention to him. I heard some noise and asked him what he was doing. He didn't respond so I glanced over and he was looking at me strange and the t.v. was tipping over. I asked him again and I knew something was terribly wrong with him. I tried to lay him down on the floor, because he was standing there very stiff. I had to make a choice, leave…


My 79 year old Independent Mom

Posted by Jody on June 25, 2014 at 6:09am 0 Comments

  My incredibly independent mother(79) had to go in for carotid artery surgery on May 5th, 2014. She had a massive stroke while in operation and is now paralyzed on her right side with no movement for 7 weeks, she also lost her speech but is slowly gaining this back. I care for her so much its absolutely devastating to me to see her like this. She has anger outbursts a lot now and keeps saying No No No when she's upset. Also her good side of her body is always restless, she's constantly…


Caregiving has a whole new meaning

Posted by Linda Symes on June 11, 2014 at 5:26pm 2 Comments

My husband suffered his second major stroke on Mother's Day.  This stroke affected cognitive skills which has been harder to deal with.  The mood swings, anger and denial are the daily frustrations we deal with.  What makes it harder is that after 46 years of marriage, he never even raised his voice to me, now blow-ups on his part are a daily occurrence.  Some comprehension is coming back slowly but his insistence that he can drive is a major worry.  Especially since the doctors suspended…


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