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Donna Allen replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"I agree no one should be able to emotionally abuse us, but what do we do about it?  It's not like they would even want to do that to us if they could control it.  Every once in awhile my husband realizes what he's been doing and…"
8 hours ago
Ann Hunt replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Rachel, thank you for your words, I am struck each time I realize I am not alone, that other people are dealing with the same crap, and that its OK to state that I am sad, and that I cry, and that it hurts, and this is not the life I want, and this…"
8 hours ago
Ann Hunt replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Dear Marcia, I hear you.  The change in personality, and altered behavior, is tough to handle. Emotional abuse is very real, it hurts as much as being punched.  And no one should do that to you.  No one.  No reason.   I…"
8 hours ago
Marsha D replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Ann, welcome to the community. I'm glad to hear that your husband's had some clear moments.  You certainly are not alone here. Julie, there will always be someone here who understands. Kathy, I'm glad to hear about the progress.…"
21 hours ago
DI replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Hi Ann and Julie Welcome to the caregivers site:  Where everyone understands and is judgment free.  None of us are happy where our life has taken us, but we try to hang on to those good moments and clarity where we once again can see our…"
21 hours ago
Rachel Fischoff replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Welcome Ann (and to Julie also) ! My emotional life is tied to my husband's clear moments too. This last week has been a wonder and a joy -- because for much of it, he's been clear:  Whole, intelligible sentences, appropriate replies…"
23 hours ago
Ann Hunt replied to Norma McIntire's discussion How to deal with aggitation from the stroke victim
"Oh goodness, yes, my husband can me mean, nasty, uncooperative, belligerent, and not remember any of it.  The Dr said it was a normal reaction to losing control of his own life.  And the target will be the one that he has the most comfort…"
Ann Hunt replied to Julie Stoneberger's discussion So so torn and scared
"Not all reverse mortgages are bad horror stories.  As in everything else we deal with, some people/companies are good, some are not.  I commend you for thinking ahead.  Yes we flounder around not knowing what we need or what we can…"


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How is your day going?

Started by Diane S. in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Donna Allen 8 hours ago. 6853 Replies

This is the place to share your thoughts and tell us all how your day is going!I am so glad so many people have come back to this site and new people have joined since I posted this original…Continue

How to deal with aggitation from the stroke victim

Started by Norma McIntire in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Ann Hunt yesterday. 8 Replies

My husband is 71 and his stroke was one year ago.  He becomes agitated very easily and the is sorry but the words are still in my ears even though I know that was not the guy I use to know.  Please…Continue

So so torn and scared

Started by Julie Stoneberger in Caregiver Frustration, Anger, Depression. Last reply by Ann Hunt yesterday. 4 Replies

Hi all. Meeting with a lawyer this week to find financial options for my parents as they don't qualify for any help from the state. Dad came home in October after stroke and Mom has had 24hr…Continue

Activity ideas please

Started by Laura in Care Strategies. Last reply by Ann Hunt yesterday. 4 Replies

Looking for tips on activities to fill the days!  My mother is 63 years old, had a very large ischemic stroke on the Left side of her brain.  She needs help walking with a walker, limited use of…Continue


Angels at Easter!

Posted by DI on April 18, 2014 at 12:18pm 0 Comments

I just want to Wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter! Spring has sprung! I just looked at my mothers plant that has not blossomed all year. It is an African violet. My mother passed away 7 years ago. So when I looked at it a little while ago, imagine the feeling when I saw that it has buds over night. Just in time for Easter. My moms name was Esther so we always teased her and called her Easter this time of year. She was a wonderful and giving person. So she has just proven to me that she…


Medical Mishap??

Posted by Toni on April 11, 2014 at 6:52pm 1 Comment

My mom was a vibrant, young, dependent person at the age of 79.  She had limited health issues and took meds for high blood pressure and a-fib which included coumadin.  My mom also was diagnosed over 20 yrs ago with a small cancerous spot in her left eye.  In 2013 her eye dr said that the spot in her eye had thickened and that she should be treated with a radiation plaque (which she did 20 yrs ago when it first happened).  So we decided that she should have the surgical procedure.  She got…


insurance merry-go-round...

Posted by Stephanie Juarez on April 11, 2014 at 10:31am 4 Comments

It's been 4 months since my boyfriend suffered a massive stroke, well, actually 4 strokes.  He had a large bleed on the right, a smaller bleed on the left and two in the Cerebellum.  He is only 41 years old.  They suspect that untreated Hypertension was the main cause.  My understanding, from one of his attorneys is that the doctors said he wouldn't live past 30 days.  He is paralyzed on his left side, arm and leg, (although, the toes have started wiggling on demand). And until last week…


And so it ended...

Posted by Barbara Weill Greenberg on April 11, 2014 at 5:46am 3 Comments

I stopped writing months ago when everything seemed to go bad. He was yelling at me, ordering me around, even insisting that I call the cardiologist who is very caring and an excellent doc, and tell him to change the med dose. When I wouldn't call, he tried it insist I change the Coumadin dose on my own. No way. His reasoning went downhill, as did his physical progress. He talked less and less. He couldn't sit straight in his chair and drooled constantly although the ST told him he had to… Continue

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