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Donna Allen replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Shari, you are doing the best you can, and it is NOT underhanded.  I understand why you would feel that way, but you are not sneaking around with this and you have done your best to explain it to him.  You are doing what makes sense for…"
1 hour ago
Shari replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Last night I sat down and explained the WHY we need to move. He seemed really to finally understand. But today he woke up angry again saying I was stealing everything from him. I saw a real estate attorney this morning and things are progressing.…"
7 hours ago
Donna Allen replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Shari, perhaps he'll come around as you progress through the process.  I know with Bruce, he'll be outraged, yelling, angry about something and then a week later he is telling me he doesn't know why he does that and can't…"
Marsha D replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Shari, Now what?  You'll work it out in your own way.   "
Shari replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"We saw the psychologist today. She knew I was selling the house and Al knew I was trying, but no one knows I already did. And, I started telling Al about the house I put a bid on and GOT. Long story short, he will NEVER accept this. She tried to get…"
Lillian Valdez replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"So sorry to hear all you are going through Shari, this caregiving stuff is not for the faint of heart.  I'm thinking of you and Al. My husband takes care of his own meds, but not by my choice.  I find them on the floor, he runs out…"
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Donna Vanzant replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Shari... My husband went through a time of not wanting to take his meds. He wanted to die too but I don't think he connected not taking meds & dying. His psychologist suggested Larry actually take the meds himself to have some semblance of…"


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How is your day going?

Started by Diane S. in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Donna Allen 1 hour ago. 8410 Replies

This is the place to share your thoughts and tell us all how your day is going!I am so glad so many people have come back to this site and new people have joined since I posted this original…Continue

Help Us Get to Know You

Started by Admin in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Susan Zimmermann on Monday. 711 Replies

This is a place to introduce yourself to the community. Share a little background about your situation and tell other caregivers your loved one’s stroke story. Talk about what interests you most…Continue

getting stroke victim to eat

Started by Laura Martin in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Laura Martin Oct 24. 4 Replies

My dad had a hemorrhagic stroke on left side of brain 2 1/2 weeks ago. The tubes have been out of him for a week but he won't eat for nurses. He will for my sister but just a little. He doesn't…Continue

anniversary for strokes?

Started by Jan K in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Debra Craig Oct 11. 3 Replies

My husband knows the dates of his strokes. Today is the mid-day between his two strokes. I didn't bring it up but simply mentioned, "You've come along way baby!" He responded,"So have you." He still…Continue

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Lonely and confused

Posted by Mary on October 19, 2014 at 4:13pm 3 Comments

Hi, my name is Mary. My husband Tom has a bad stroke 4 years ago. He has aphasia and apraxia. He is right side affected. I have always visiting this site but have not shared our story. I am 57 and Tom will be 59. We have been married for 37 yrs. in Nov. I feel so lonely and scared. The communication is so difficult. He just ignores me. I have tried to do the best job I could. I left my job because they wouldn't let him come home unless he had 24/7 care. He can drive. I had both vehicles… Continue

I got sick and needed help

Posted by Erin on October 18, 2014 at 9:24am 2 Comments

Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst abdominal pain.  I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of bed.  I tried and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was dizzy, weak, and felt like throwing up.  The only thought running through my head was that I couldn't take care of Mark.  My husband couldn't take care of me and I couldn't help him out of bed. I know we have all felt this at some point and it's scary.  We needed help.

We called his Dad... no answer.  We called his mom...…


Dodging Conversation

Posted by Elizabeth on October 5, 2014 at 10:36pm 1 Comment

Last week my husband started a full garbled conversation in the middle of the night. I couldn't understand what he was talking about, in part because his speech is still very slurred combined with me waking from basically a dead sleep. Since it is rare for me to be able to get any sleep these days I told him to just try to close his eyes, relax & get some sleep. About 4hrs later I finally had to get up from my air mattress in his room to sleep in my bedroom. I am still sleeping here &… Continue

Thank God every day

Posted by Jan K on September 29, 2014 at 6:13pm 0 Comments

My husband had his first stroke 10/8/13. It looked like a stroke so I called 911. The neurologist thought it was a tia because everything seemed to come back within an hour. The scan showed differently. They ran other tests and found a hole in his heart. They signed us up for a study so we could hopefully get it closed. Jeff was the perfect candidate - he was 52, his last physical a year prior had awesome results, and he had no prior medical issues. When we were in the process of being…


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