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Winnie Shaddox replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Hi Shari. so glad your getting a handle on your stuff. It can be overwhelming .I am still in the process of getting rid of items. While my husband was in rehab I emptied two storage lockers...antique and collectibles. Also a covered trailer,…"
50 minutes ago
Theresa Loder replied to SUSAN D MCCARTHY's discussion RV purchase
"Hi Susan Just wanted to say that one great thing about being in an RV park is there is always someone to chat with.. We have lots of activities as well. So if you did get an RV that would be a plus .. You could try short trips and see how that would…"
1 hour ago
Shari replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Al had a very serious hoarding problem before the stroke. So getting the house ready to put on the market? I have spent a lot of money so far renting tractor trailer dumpsters (4) and many many pick up truckloads to the dump so far. I would say I…"
1 hour ago
Donna Allen replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Diane, I'd be right there if I lived nearby!  I know you will manage, as we always do, but it is a huge task.  I did it too, but while my husband tends to hold onto things, we had fortunately only been in the house about 6 years so…"
2 hours ago
Rachel Fischoff replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
" I'm not going to wish you luck. I don't think you need luck, Diane, I think you're making your own luck by being brave and thoughtful. But I will congratulate you on being a wonderful caregiver ! Rachel "
3 hours ago
Diane S. replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"Oh my, Ladies, I have been away from this site too long! Just popped on for a sec, Bob is asleep (who knows how long that will last! LOL) Shari, Kathy, regarding moving, we are doing that too. And it is very emotional/stressful and oh-so-darn sad…"
3 hours ago
Kathy replied to Diane S.'s discussion How is your day going?
"When we had showings, if possible, I would take Joe out for a wheelchair walk around the block. But when we were home, I think it ended up being an asset......Potential buyers could see a well loved home that, unfortunately, we had to sell due to…"
4 hours ago
Theresa Loder replied to SUSAN D MCCARTHY's discussion RV purchase
"Hi Susan I saw your post about purchasing an RV to go places..I was wondering if you have had an RV before , especially a class A ...we live in our Monaco Motor home and have for over 10 years and have had RV's all our lives. Is your husband…"
5 hours ago


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How is your day going?

Started by Diane S. in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Winnie Shaddox 50 minutes ago. 8127 Replies

This is the place to share your thoughts and tell us all how your day is going!I am so glad so many people have come back to this site and new people have joined since I posted this original…Continue

RV purchase

Started by SUSAN D MCCARTHY in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Theresa Loder 1 hour ago. 2 Replies

My husbands, and my, story is in the stories section.  But here is my question.  I am 67 fairly active and so far, thank God, my health is okay.  Well my husband would like us to get an RV, Class A,…Continue

Say it isn't so.....

Started by Julie Stoneberger in Caregiver Frustration, Anger, Depression. Last reply by Donna Vanzant on Wednesday. 23 Replies

Just don't know where to begin - the home health speech came last week, spent 20min with my Dad, gave him 1 bite of applesauce, asked him a few questions and concluded that he would not be getting…Continue

Anyone Need Help?

Started by Pastor Louis A. Santoro in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Kathleen Chutes on Wednesday. 7 Replies

Hello everyone, It's Pastor Lou, so sorry I've been off line for some time. I've been having a rough go of things, so I prayed to God for help over and over and finally reached out to a Christian…Continue


Lost with no idea where else to turn

Posted by Justine Arnold on September 16, 2014 at 11:13am 2 Comments

I am 34 years old and just graduated college to become a teacher. I still have my certification test to take but cannot find the mindset to complete them. My husband had his stroke last year at the age of 28. They have not found the cause of the stroke and he continues to have what he calls brain fog or dizziness that has hindered his ability to work or dive. Doctors do not know the origin of these symptoms and continue to release us from their care despite the fact that since his original…


Where to start

Posted by Annalene Pretorius on September 16, 2014 at 7:22am 1 Comment

So I just need to ask where do I start, my mom had a minor stroke a week ago (tia) and her speech is effected in a way that she sometimes can't remember the words or cant get the words out or get them switched around. But now she also gets confused and disorientated. What do I do how do I start? I work full time and She can't drive in the state she is in at the moment. Please help

Wedding blues

Posted by Erin on September 1, 2014 at 9:18am 2 Comments

My cousin who is a year younger than me got married last night.  I went to the wedding and it was beautiful.  During the ceremony I cried like a baby...and then I felt guilt about it.  I was crying 10% out of happiness for this new couple who are starting their life together and 90% out of anger and sadness for lost opportunities that Mark and I will not experience. My mom and a good friend were next to me and each took my hand giving me strength (Mark is in the hospital and could not…


The new normal after husband' stroke

Posted by Debra Craig on August 29, 2014 at 9:47pm 2 Comments

My sweet husband had a series of strokes about 2 years ago. His were all Ischemic left-side which left his right side of his body quite weak (although now he can walk with a cane) and he has some cognitive issues and Aphasia (which is the most frustrating part). Luckily he has a great sense of humor and through Department of Assisted Rehabilitation was able to receive vocational therapy and now works part-time(all that he has stamina for) at a local Outreach center 2 & 1/2 days a week.…


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