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Fancie replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Yes, we do try to be wonder women.  I have to work- I'm the sole income in my household and have 10 years before I can retire. My mother and I (which complicates all of it) have would could best be described as a 'broken'…"
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Christine Kerr replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Been doing for 2.5 years. My husband had three strokes. Tried working in the beginning but it was too dangerous to leave him alone. For the past 2nyears I have been sole caretaker 24/7. There were months with daily appointments, doctors, therapy and…"
Fancie replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Hello all!  I'm new year- and my mother (66) suffered what we learned was THREE strokes on 1/20/2017. It affected movement/motion/and use of her left side.  She was in the hospital until the 25th at which point was transferred to a…"
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Pat Nixon replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Tara tell him what happened to my husband. He also hated the hospital and the doctors. Today he is flat on his back and paralyzed from the neck down. He had one TIA and 3 strokes. He can barely swallow food anymore. At this point he may not live to…"
Twila Harris replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Hi Tara Even though they released him, confer with his doctor and see what he recommends. Together you should be able to.find some solution temporarily for his outburst. Ask about mood stabilizers which may calm him and helpray you deal.with his…"
Tara Marie Smith replied to Admin's discussion Help Us Get to Know You
"Hi everyone,  I haven't been on in awhile.  My husband has suffered two more TIAs.  One in November and the lasted one this past weekend.  The severity of the TIAs are getting stronger.  His cardiologist said things…"


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Help Us Get to Know You

Started by Admin in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Fancie on Friday. 1090 Replies

This is a place to introduce yourself to the community. Share a little background about your situation and tell other caregivers your loved one’s stroke story. Talk about what interests you most…Continue

Expert Speak

Started by Admin in Topic of the Month. Last reply by Staci Blinn Feb 13. 30 Replies

This area is for articles by healthcare professionals and other caregiving topic experts, written exclusively for Careliving℠ Community.Continue

32yo sister had massive stroke

Started by Ariel in Tell Your Story, Get Support. Last reply by Mary Ann Feb 12. 2 Replies

Hello everyone,Last Friday, my 32 year old sister had a massive stroke. She is still in the Neuroscience ICU and will most likely remain there for another week. She had a huge blood clot that blocked…Continue


My Daughter -My Life

Posted by Jessica on December 14, 2016 at 7:43am 1 Comment

On May 11, 2016 my life forever changed. I got a phone call at midnight waking me from sleep from a friend of my daughter saying the ambulance was taking her to the hospital as she was having a stroke. I had to ask her to repeat this news three times as it was not making sense to me. My daughter Amie is only 32 years old, and had suffered a MAJOR ischemic stroke.

From the ER she was sent to an acute care unit where she remained for 3 1/2 weeks. All this time I stayed by her side, tending… Continue

Stroke #2

Posted by Pat Nixon on October 15, 2016 at 6:35pm 6 Comments

I've been a caregiver since 2011 when my husband had his first massive brain stem stroke.

It left him with complete right side paralysis.

Last Tuesday evening he collapsed in my kitchen. He was rushed to the hospital where they found he has had several new smaller strokes on his brain.

He was also in Afib.

Today he's still in the hospital and his good side is weakened, speech much more slurred and his emotional liability has increased.

Despite all his meds they are…


Grocery Store Trip First Day Back Home

Posted by Barbara Swartz on September 10, 2016 at 2:30pm 1 Comment

He came home from rehab at 10:30, by 2:20 we were out the door.  Had to pick up his prescriptions.  And needed to get some food he could eat.  It was a two hour adventure.  Steve held onto and steared cart with right hand.  We went very slow.  Luckily the parking lot has wide spaces.  And extra wide  between lanes.  So I was only sort of  thinking of getting the car out of the parking space without hitting a car.  But the trip. was stressful.  Can't wait till I can leave Steve at home and go…


Four Years And Counting

Posted by Kathy Swanson on August 18, 2016 at 11:00pm 9 Comments

It's been four years since my husband's devastating stroke that changed our lives forever. I no longer know how to feel. The day to day of caring for a quadriplegic is exhausting and never ending. I have no friends or family left. We are the forgotten. Good help is non existent. He has become my child looking to me for all the answers and I don't have them. I decide when he eats, drinks, baths, and when he goes to the bathroom. I give him his meds and injections I change his… Continue

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